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Who was the last CSA General to die?

Felix H. Robertson


The last surviving Confederate general was Brig.Gen. John

McCausland, who died on 22 Jan 1927 at age 91.

Felix H. Robertson, who
was appointed B.G. in 1864, who served at such, but whose nomination was
rejected by the CSA Senate in 1865, died on 20 Apr 1928 at age 89. 
Sources: William Marvel in "Blue and Gray", Feb 1991; Jim Epperson

Felix Huston Robertson (March 9, 1839 – April 20, 1928) was the only native-born Texan to serve as a general in the Confederate States Army during theAmerican Civil War. At the time of his death, he was the last surviving general of the Confederacy.[1]

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