Sons of Confederate Veterans Waco

Felix H Robertson Camp #129

Commander Statement

The floor was opened at our last meeting to nominate new officers for our camp. No one stepped forward to be nominated. Since no one did, we will go another year with the present officers. They are Charles Oliver, Commander; Lynn Simpson, 1st Lieutenant Commander; George Loyd, 2nd Lieutenant Commander; Hayden Moody, Chaplain; and Darrel Barnes, Adjutant. We all consider it an honor to serve in these capacities. However, we still need plenty of support from the members to carry on the main purpose of our group. That main purpose is to carry on the good name of the Confederate soldier and to remind the world as to why he fought and was willing to put his life on the line for the Cause.


At our next meeting, January 8th, we will have our Lee-Jackson Dinner honoring two of the greatest men who have walked on this earth. We will have a buffet dinner which Mary Duty has put together. It will be reasonably priced as in the past. Please dress up a little, in fact, you can wear a white shirt and tie, if you want to. Be sure and invite your best girlfriend or a good friend. Bob Chapman has volunteered to decorate the room with all his flags. His phone number is 715-5269 if you volunteer to help him and find out what time he will be at Poppa Rollo's to work.


The speaker will be Mr. Jerry Haynes who will be speaking on "Confederate Spies." Visitors are welcome.


Lt. Commander Statement

 Happy New Year All,

 As each year begins most of us have a list of things we vow to do that coming year.  With the best of intentions we promise ourselves that this is the year to accomplish these tasks.  As the year progresses we miss here, forget there, and by the end of the year the resolutions have just slipped away.  This happens to all of us.  But, it is not failure that we should focus on, but the fact that we recognized that we could better ourselves.  Even in failure a cause can be advanced.  We set our goals high every year for the SCV at the national, state, camp, and individual levels. Do we always meet those goals? No, but it is that we recognized that there is room for improvement that counts.  So, as an individual, set your SCV New Year resolutions high.  Try to make every meeting in 2013. If you have never been to a brigade, division and national meeting, go to one. Get involved with one more camp project this year. Join the Rose Chapter or get your spouse to.  Recruit a friend into the camp. Set your personal SCV goals high, and at the end of 2013, even if you did not reach every goal, you can pat yourself on the back for those you did reach, or almost.

 See you at the Lee-Jackson Dinner on 8 January,

Lynn A. Simpson

Lt. Commander



Chaplain Statement

 A joyous 2013 to all Compatriots! It is good to know that none of us experienced the "end of the world" as the Mayan calendar predicted. That only proves that the Mayans did not know the end from the beginning as does our Creator. He has told us that the end will come but also has given us signs of the coming of that event. (Matt 24: 6-13). Let us all live each day that we would not fear the end of our lives on this earth. 

Hope to see each of you at the Jan 8th Jackson-Lee meeting.

Deo Vindice

Hayden H. Moody, Chaplain




Book Reviews

The Day Dixie Died, by Gary Ecelbarger. This book is a very detailed tactical study of the Battle of Atlanta on July 22, 1864, the pivotal battle of the Atlanta campaign, and one of the most important battles of the war. When Sherman's forces crossed the Chattahoochie River President Davis replaced General Johnston with General Hood. Hood had a reputation as an aggressive fighter, and President Davis hoped that that aggressiveness would save Atlanta. Hood's first effort miscarried at the Battle of Peachtree Creek. His second effort was an elaborate, bold attempt to destroy the US Army of the Tennesseee. It failed, but it was a near run event. This book provides a comprehensive look at the battle with detailed maps. For this it is highly recommended. The book could have used better editing; some of the wording is awkward, as is some of the sentence construction. Nevertheless, this is a recommended book.

Avenging Angel: John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry 1859, by Ron Field. This book is a short 80 page look at the Harper's Ferry Raid. As the title suggests, this is a detailed look at the raid, rather than the consequences which were enormous insofar as they led to increasing tensions between the North and South. This book is well illustrated with specially prepared artwork and maps.

The Last Ride of the James-Younger Gang: Jesse James and the Northfield, Minnesota Raid 1876, by Sean McLachlan. Like the Harper's Ferry book, above, this book is a short 80 page book on the climactic raid of the James-Younger Gang. The James' and Youngers' were former Confederate bushwackers who took up grand larceny after the war. They relied upon the sympathy of former Southern supporters and resentment at Yankee railroaders and bankers to survive. They were among the best known outlaws in the country when they decided to go way out of the territory and hit a bank in Northfield, Minnesota, which was known to have money from former Union generals Benjamin Butler and Adelbert Ames in it. Unfortunately for them, just about everything went wrong in the raid.  Only the two James brothers made it back to Missouri, albeit wounded. The three younger brothers were wounded and captured, and three associates slain.

Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man, as You've Never Seen Him, written and edited by Glenn Beck and Kevin Baife. This is an entertaining book, though it is not history per se. It is a look at certain aspects of George Washington's life which could be inspiring to people now.

Deo Vindice

Cary Bogan


Important Dates

 1/03/13  First Official Issue of Internet Newsletter

 1/08/13  Camp Meeting-Lee/Jackson Banquet-Jerry Haynes on "Confederate Spies"

 1/10/13   Rose Chapter Meeting @ 6:30--Poppa Rollos

 1/19/13   Robert E. Lee Birthday (1807)

 1/21/13   Stonewall Jackson Birthday (1824) 

  3/09/13  Gravestone Dedication at Levita, Coryell, County    


Flag Pledges