Sons of Confederate Veterans Waco

Felix H Robertson Camp #129


Commander Comments

 As this year is winding down, our camp needs to make some decisions. We need to reach out for new leadership. We are gaining , in numbers, at a very fast rate which is exciting. The problem is, the main reason we are growing is because of the tremendous backlash against our Southern Heritage. We need to fight back, but be careful that we are not classified as a hate or terrorist organization. Yes, the media sometimes insinuates that we are a hate group and the Southern Poverty Law Center calls us terrorists. We need someone to step forward and take over as commander. We need someone to concentrate on recruiting new members. Any good organization continues to grow. We need each member to be responsible for something that will help us to remain strong and keep us growing. I would like to be the recruiter and help train someone to take my place in that position down the road. We should always make all members and guests  feel welcome at our meetings. Cary Bogan has done a great job making sure we have speakers at each meeting. John Dickey is doing a great job as adjutant, which is a time consuming position and it is a very important position keeping up with our money membership. Chaplain Moody has been our spiritual leader for many years. Keep in mind we need someone down the road to be ready to take our places in all of these positions. Cary Bogan still helps in putting together our monthly newsletter and George Loyd helps him and also keeps our website going. Our ground crews that were keeping up the grounds at our IH35 flag site & the cemetery on Hwy 77 are in poor health and are unable to continue in that capacity. Let's discuss some of these issues at our November 10th meeting.


Lieutenant Commander Comments

 Our next camp meeting will be Tuesday, November 10th at 7 PM, with optional dinner at 6 PM, at Poppa Rollos Pizza 703 N Valley Mills Drive. The speaker will be our very own adjutant, Mr. John Dickey. His subject will be "Civil War Submarine Warfare". Guest are welcome AND encouraged to attend.


Chaplain Comments

 The following is comments written to us, Compatriots, four years ago this week by Dr. Len Patterson; four years before the Mississippi state flag was removed from the campus of Ole Miss University by those who were offended by its Confederate symbol. The message could not be presented at a more appropriate time than now. Chaplain Patterson passed from this life 2013.

Let's continue to remember in prayer Norm Lovorn, recovering from surgery to relieve pressure on the brain, and Cary Bogan who is undergoing rehab following bi-lateral knee surgery. An infected puncture wound of the foot has kept Jerry Miller from the last two meetings.

Deo Vindice, Hayden H. Moody, Chaplain 

The Majority Rules

It has been said and often repeated that, "One man and God is a majority". This is true, since God alone is a majority. God has never needed great numbers to accomplish His purpose. Consider the story of Gideon as told in the book of Judges, chapters six through eight.

The land of Israel was being oppressed by great hordes of Midianites and Amalekites. Under God's direction, Gideon out a call to arms throughout Israel, but only 32,000 responded. God told Gideon that it was too many, and the number was reduced to 10,000. Again, God said it was too many and ultimately reduced Gideon's force to a mere 300 men. Gideon and his small band were victorious, and the vast army of the oppressors were totally destroyed.

The point is, that without God 32,000 Israelite soldiers would not have been nearly enough. But with God, 300 was a majority, and the majority rules.

In his first letter to the church at Corinth, Paul writes, "God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty". (1 Cor.1:27b) Then in verse 29 , he explains why: "That no flesh should glory in His presence". Again, God alone is a majority.

Today, the Sons of Confederate Veterans faces many challenges. We are challenged to recruit and retain members. Something that should be a priority to each of us. We are challenged to carry out the Charge delivered to us by General S.D. Lee over a hundred years ago, which should be our defining characteristic. And this we will do. But like Gideon, we are confronted by great hordes of oppressors.

There are many who would tarnish the memory of our brave and noble Confederate fathers and deny them their honor, and who would reduce  our proud Southern heritage to a legacy of shame. And perhaps as Gideon , we may wonder how we can be successful against the determined forces that beset us . But, we can succeed if we put our faith and trust in  God, and seek His guidance and direction , because God is a majority, and the majority rules.

However, as God gives us strength, direction, and success, we must remember why we succeed. We must remember that with God, we the Sons of Confederate Veterans are the majority, and in so doing we will prevail against all those who oppose our just and worthy Cause.

Bro. Len Patterson, Th.d

Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi, SCV 


Confederate Book Reviews

 The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat: Reality and Myth, by Earl J. Hess. This is another excellent book by the prolific WBTC writer, Professor Earl Hess. This is a subject that interests me, and has been examined in a few other books such as Paddy Griffith's Battle Tactics of the Civil War. The common narrative is that the U.S. Civil War was uncommonly bloody because the use of the Rifle Musket increased the lethal range on the battlefield. In the opinion of this author, and myself, this is inaccurate. The average soldier was not sufficiently trained to utilize the Rifle Musket to it's full capability. The high arc made by minie ball projectiles resulted in spaces on the battlefield where rounds would fly over a man sized target if the range was not properly estimated. Marksmanship training was rudimentary and perfunctory resulted in the mass of soldiers on both sides being rather poor shots. Most actual engagements took place, in fact, at the ranges where smoothbore muskets were used. Also, as bloody as WBTS battles were, casualties were comparable to Napoleonic battles. The areas where the Rifle Musket DID in fact make a revolutionary difference were skirmishing and sharpshooting. These were areas where the soldiers were better trained and able to utilize the improved capability of the Rifle Musket. All in all, this is a fascinating topic, for me at least, and this book would appeal to those with an interest in the nuts and bolts of WBTS tactics.

After Lincoln: How the North Won the Civil War and Lost the Peace, by A.J. Langguth. As the title implies, this book is basically a history of Reconstruction. The thesis of the book is that the North gave up on Reconstruction too soon, thus allowing rascist Southerners to basically reimplement slavery without calling it slavery. So, yes, this is a Yankee history. That said, I enjoyed this book anyway. The author, despite his biases, does a good job of depicting the people who were prominent in this period. There were, particularly in the North, some real "interesting" personalities. Thaddeus Stevens in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Charles Sumner in the Senate were a couple of rabid abolitionists who had rather odd and unpleasant personalities. Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's, and subsequently Andrew Johnson's Secretary of War, was one of the most obnoxious politicians I have ever read about. So if you think politicians are bad now, read about him. I found this book to be an interesting read , though not from a Southern perspective.


 11/10/15  Flag Confederate graves for Veteran's Day

 11/10/15  Waco Camp meeting at Poppa Rollo's-6:00 eat, 7:00 speaker John Dickey

 11/11/15 Veteran's Day Parade-11:00 a.m.-Austin Ave. downtown Waco



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