Sons of Confederate Veterans Waco

Felix H Robertson Camp #129


Commander Comments

 Greetings Fellow Southerners!

It is a pleasure to speak to fellow members of our Waco camp. The weather in Waco is pretty nice now; it looks like we will have an early spring. The time is approaching for having ceremonies, letting ourselves be seen; in short, to show the world that the glorious heritage of the Confederate soldier has not been forgotten in our community.

I would like to start off by recognizing some members of our camp who got together on a Friday last month to meet at the Fletcher Cemetery in order to clean up the stretch of Highway 77 that this camp has adopted. When I drive around I notice who sponsors these clean up signs; it is a sure bet that plenty of people are noticing our camp's name and number when they drive down Highway 77.

The speaking topic for this camp meeting is an excellent one: The Red River Campaign. For camp business I would like to focus on recruiting. Lieutenant Commander Oliver is our front man on this but I, as the commander would like to put my emphasis on this subject. I believe that there is alot of local untapped support for things Confederate and Southern out there. I do not believe that most local people are ashamed of their communities and history. For one thing, it is awfully interesting to know what kind of men (and women) are in our family trees. If you read the book review below you will see that own ancestors were tough folks. When a challenge came up they did not whip out their cell phones and start texting their friends. They acted. That is an example which we could follow now during these strange times in our country. Because they did not have things like American Idol to cloud their brains they actually were surprisingly sophisticated in their belief systems.

Another thing is that, unfortunately, history in our nation is a lost subject: not taught at all, or taught with a political slant. As the late Dr. Guthrie once said, "History is the good, the bad, and the ugly". Hollywood tends to depict Southerners as stupid rednecks with really bad accents. Reality is far different. I think that most people would find that interesting that history is not just the way that it is portrayed on TV, or in movies.

Finally, we have great stories to tell. Yes, there is pain, hardship, and ultimately there was a traumatic defeat for the South. But, there are uplifting tales of courage, and incredible endurance. That is something we need to pass onto future generations.  In the novel 1984 the main character, Winston Smith, read the following line: "He who controls the past controls the present; he who controls the present controls the future." We need to aggressively get out and pass on our message.

In the Service of the South,

Cary Bogan     


Lieutenant Commander Comments

 The speaker for the March BG Felix Robertson Camp # 129 meeting will be Mr. Mark Vogel. His topic will be "The Red River Campaign". The meeting will be on the 8th of March at 7 PM, dinner at 6 PM. Family members and guests are heartily encouraged  and welcomed to attend.


Chaplain Comments

 Time for my contribution to the newsletter has snuck up on me again. When at a loss for a subject for such as this, it has been said, "Well, give your testimony. No one can contradict your testimony". So, here's mine.

Shortly after being re-baptized in 2002, I began to have doubts of my salvation. Satan was putting these thoughts in my head, of course. I felt that I had committed such  great sins, with full knowledge of the gospel, that God would be reluctant to forgive. Of course, Satan was blinding me to the parable of the prodigal son, His forgiveness of Moses, David, Paul, and others. I could only think of myself.

One morning as I began to rouse, this scene was envisioned. There was a beautiful pastoral scene with willow trees, and green fields of grass, traversed by a stream running with cool, clear water. Big puffy white clouds floated against an azure blue sky. Everything was so peaceful. Then this voice, a big booming voice came from behind the clouds. In deep reverberating tones it spoke these four words. "Surrender, don't fight it!" Startled, I jumped from the bed thinking surely I had heard God speak.

I walked into the dining area where on the table lay my Bible. Flipping it open, there seemed to be a light shining onto the page highlighting two verses of Isaiah, verses 6 & 7 of chapter 55. It read, "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon Him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon."

After analyzing the message given in the dream and the words of the prophet Isaiah, I realized this no coincidence; I had been given reassurance that would stick with me the rest of my life. First, "surrender", surrender to Christ and His will. He has already won the battle and has a plan for you to enjoy His victory! Second, "Seek the Lord while He may be found". As long as we have a breath of life in us, He is there for us to find. "Call upon Him while He is near, if He isn't, it is you that has moved! We are all wicked and unrighteous so let us quit acting that way and thinking those thoughts! Like the prodigal son, He is waiting for our return; but that decision is up to us. He will never force us. "He will have mercy upon him"; we cannot fathom the love He has for us that we don't deserve and is ready to bless us with it. And here is the part I love..."He will abundantly pardon!" Accepting this promise, I know that He has a plan for my life, and a heavenly future.

Come on. Brothers, "Surrender, don't fight it!" Life is the only battle that can be won by surrender, if you surrender to the one who has already won the battle for you.

Deo Vindice!

Hayden H. Moody, Chaplain


Confederate Book Reviews

 Eyewitness to the Civil War: The Complete History From Secession to Reconstruction, edited by Neil Kagan; narrative by Stephen G. Hyslop. This book is published by National Geographic. This book is another one of those large format, beautifully illustrated volumes that appears every so often about the WBTS. Fairly recently, I reviewed one of these published by the United States Military Academy History Department that, those nice to look at, was not, in my opinion, quite up to snuff. It was a really nice coffee table book. This book by National Geographic is actually quite well done: it is a good read as well as a nice book to look at. The illustrations are carefully selected and compliment the text, not overwhelm it. It has first personal accounts scattered throughout the text as sidebars. As a guy who has read literally every general WBTS history that I could lay my hands on I can honestly say that this is one of the best.

Surviving the Confederacy: Rebellion, Ruin, and Recovery--Roger and Sara Pryor During the Civil War, by John C. Waugh. The author, the esteemed Mr. Waugh, is the author of numerous excellent books on the WBTS, and is a past speaker at our camp. This book is a little different read from my usual military fare. It follows the WBTS experiences of a married couple. He was a one time Confederate brigadier general. She was a well raised Southern lady who handled the domestic end of running a family with numerous children during a time of incredible upheaval and uncertainty. Indeed, in my opinion, she came across as one tough gal. She managed to keep her children, clothed, fed, and somewhat educated, all the while staying as close as possible to her serving husband. After the war he practiced law in New York City and there he and his family regained much of their wealth and enjoyed a fairly comfortable life in which they ran in some of the elite social circles of the future "Big Apple". This book is very enjoyable to read and is highly recommended.



 03/08/16--Camp meeting at Poppa Rollo's--- 6:pm eat,socialize --7:00 pm Listen to speaker.(books for sale)

 03/08/16--Brazos Rose Chapter is raising money selling flags-$10.00 and poles with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Availible at                                    Camp meeting or place order. 

 04/2016--April is Confederate History and Heritage Month in the State of Texas 







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