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Felix H Robertson Camp #129


Commander Comments

 Greetings Fellow Southerners--

Well, the weather in central Texas is...ah...variable. One day beautiful sunshine, the next overcast and rainy all day. Oh well. Enjoy while you can because the SUMMER is coming! We in Camp # 129 have a number of projects to work on. First of all, for the Monday Memorial Day holiday we are setting up a Confederate campsite at the Waco VA. Details on this are provided below in my column by our glorious adjutant. This is an opportunity for those who have uniforms to wear them AND to carry, but not fire, our rifles. We will be with a military friendly audience so this is an opportunity for us to show our flag and spread the gospel of the valor and patriotism of the Confederate soldier. WE HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE PROUD OF OUR FLESH AND BLOOD AND THE FIGHT THAT THEY ENDURED. I think we should make an effort to talk with people, especially with all of this Stalinist nonsense about removing our beautiful monuments. I am following the story about the gorgeous Confederate Monument In Louisville that some losers find offensive. Unbelievable. At last I heard our brethren in the Kentucky got an injunction to stop the removal., but they will not stop. Once Confederate monuments are removed I believe that monuments to the Founders, or the American Revolution are next. Or, even somebody might want to reinterpret the Alamo in some politically correct way. We are standing in the gap for those are not longer able speak. I cannot think of many things that are more noble than that.  

As far as the the Confederate flag and monument in Bellmead: work continues on that. It is highly aggravating to me that everytime somebody vandalizes it it takes us so long to repair the damage. My goal is that this time the repairs that we make to it will make it so hard to mess with that no one will do it. Last Sunday I went to the monument and was able to mow about 70% of the plot. My lawn mower was not equal to the really high grass. We need a more permanent solution to the mowing problem. Also, we need to use a weedeater or something similar around the benches and stone monument to give it a neat, professional look. We will talk about this at the next meeting.

If anyone has any other possible projects or ideas I am all ears. I want the camp's ideas on ways for us to be visible in the community. Also, several times in the past, I have solicited others to write book reviews for this newsletter. I enjoy reading, and I enjoy writing these short reviews but it is getting harder for me to read fast enough to stay ahead of the newsletter. I do want to read stuff other than the WBTS. One of these days you may open the newsletter and read a review of The Bell Curve, or Guns, Germs and Steel.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the passing of Robert O. Cathey, brother of Camp member Toxey Cathey. He was a Baylor graduate and Air Force Vietnam veteran. The camp extends it's condolences to his family and especially to Toxey.

One final matter. As last month's speaker mentioned, we have some some items being voted on at the Texas Division Reunion in June that we as a camp need to vote on. I will research this and bring a list of the items to the next meeting so we as a camp can determine our position for the Reunion.

In the Service of the South,

Cary Bogan



Reminder for those that wish to participate in the Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 30, the ceremony will be held at the Waco VA on New Road; you need to be there before 8:00 AM and the ceremony is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM. The Camp would like to have as many members there as possible, even if you do not have a uniform you can come dressed in blue jeans, a long sleeve shirt, but no ball caps!

If you have a period weapon you can bring it and be part of the Honor Guard. However, we will not be permitted to load/discharge weapons on campus. Currently, the plan is to march to the main flag pole to present arms. Please review this video for the REVERSE ARMS manuever. This would be a cool maneuver to perform at the ceremony-

I will meet next Friday with Doug Young, Waco VA Director, to go over final plans for the ceremony, and will let everyone know at our next Camp meeting on May 10.

John Dickey, Adjutant


Lieutenant Commander Comments

 The Sons of Confederate Veterans' monthly meeting will be Tuesday, May 10th, at Poppa Rollo's Pizza, 703 N Valley Mills Drive. <Meal will be at 6:00 PM and the program at 7:00 PM. The speaker will be Bob Lull. His topic will be "The Four Baylor Brothers". Visitors are welcome. For more information, visit or call 254-772-1676.


Chaplain Comments

 Compatriots of Camp 129, it is my hope that by this time all of you have read the Chaplain's Comments by our CiC, Dr. Ray L. Parker, in the current issue of the Confederate Veteran magazine, pg 12. He echos the cry of David, who was about to confront the Philistine giant, "Is there not a Cause?" Our Cause is very real in this present day. Little did Gen. Stephen D. Lee realize when he charged us, the descendants of those soldiers of the South, with "the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved", that just 110 years after he spoke those words there would be a nationwide movement to erase all vestiges of those gallant men. We are all aware of those trying to rid our nation, and especially the South, of anything Confederate. My perception of the root cause for this is the prevalence of secular humanism being taught to our young in schools, and all forms of social media. Nothing is sacred anymore.

To us Southerners it is not only going to be a challenge, in the future, to honor our Confederate ancestors, but to uphold our Christian faith. These days it seems that the only group of people one is allowed to denigrate are Christians. At first it was subtle, but more recently it has become the favorite pastime of those who enjoy such frivolity. Has this been planned? Oh, yes! Since Lucifer decided he needed elevation, (Isaiah 14:13) it has been his plan. He just had to move his hunting ground to earth when he was cast out. Is it going to get worse? Oh, yes! We are told in Revelations 12:12, "...because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time." It is just a manifestation of the war between good and evil that has been going on for eons.

May we stand fast in our dedication to preserve the good name of our Confederate ancestors and exemplify our Christian faith by conversing with those of the opposite persuasion in a polite but firm pronouncement of our beliefs. Be vigilant for the opportunity to speak with anyone concerning your heritage and, above all, be knowledgeable about that which you converse. Be ready to stand for The Cause.

Deo Vindice, Chaplain Hayden H. Moody


Confederate Book Reviews

 War on the Waters: The Union & Confederate Navies, 1861-1865, by James M. McPherson. This book by Pulitzer Prize winning author James M. McPherson is a complete naval history of the war. Unlike the book reviewed last month this book covers the entire naval war including the Confederate commerce raiders. Mr. McPherson is a fine writer and this book is up to his usual high standards. While this is not a long book he covers all of the aspects of the naval beginning with both sides mobilization; in the case of the Confederates, from absolutely nothing; in the case of the Federals from little more than nothing. He talks about how both sides prepared according  to the needs of their respective naval missions, and how they adapted to the changing circumstances as the war went on. The Confederates knew from the beginning that they would not be able to compete with Yankee industrial might so Stephen Mallory, the Confederate Secretary of the Navy, tried to defeat them qualitatively, in other words with superior individual units. Unfortunately, despite a valiant attempt, it did not work as dramatically shown by the CSS Tennessee taking on the entire Yankee fleet at Mobile Bay, practically singlehandedly. The Confederacy was unable to defend its coastline and break the blockade. On the high seas Southern commerce raiders did enormous damage to the Yankee Merchant Marine, but it was not decisive. If you are interested in the WBTS Naval War, and want a short, but comprehensive history, this is your book.

The Aftermath of Battle: The Burial of the Civil War Dead, by Meg Groeling.  This is an interesting little book in the "Emerging Civil War Series". The title is a tad deceptive, however. Burial of Civil War dead is NOT the only topic that is dealt with in the book. In a sense, this book could be a companion to The Republic of Suffering" by Drew Gilpin Faust, in that it deals with the experience of death in the war. There are sections on individual cemeteries as well as Matthew Brady's photography of the dead at Sharpsburg. There is a chapter on the origins of "Taps". There is a section on the disposal of the numerous dead horses and mules. Also, there is a section on the development of the ambulance system in the Union Army of the Potomac. So, while I found the book very interesting, the burial of dead soldiers is not the sole topic of the book. That said, I did enjoy reading it, and recommend it to others.



  05/10/16   Camp meeting at Poppa Rollo's,  6:00 pm eat and/or social,  7:00 speaker

  05/21 and 22/16   Battle of Temple Juncion--reenactment and living history

  05/27,28/16   Flag graves at cemeterys for Memorial Day

  05/30/16  9:30   Memorial Day ceremony at VA with Camp 129 participating

  06/3-5/16   Texas Division Reunion, Kerrville

  06/09/16  Brazos Rose Chapter #56  meeting at West Waco Library, 6:00 pm

  07/13-17/16  National SCV Reunion, Dallas

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