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May 28-30th 2021


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 Commander Comments

 Fellow Members of the Thin Gray Line--

Well, another month has come and gone, and summer is officially here. We are nearly halfway through with the year of our Lord 2017. As time rolls by in our lives, at whatever pace it seems to take...either fast, or slow, take time to recall our charge as members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We are the guardians of the memory of men who once walked these same streets and towns, who dreamed some of the same dreams we have had. They are no longer around to protect their memories...but we darn sure are here. It is OUR duty to stand up for them, and articulate their arguments for the modern day masses. Amen. 

As you are probably aware, the monuments are down in New Orleans, and I don't see them going back up. We can only hope that they end up somewhere, in the hands of somebody, who will display them where they can be seen, and educate other people. Some video footage I saw showed some of them in a junkyard. For some weird reason, the pedestal and column of the Robert E. Lee monument are being left up--minus the statue of course--which old Mitch says that he is going to sell, probably to try and recoup some of the money which has been squandered on this nonsense. At the SCV Texas Division Reunion the prediction was made that there will be trouble in Dallas because anti-Confederate groups want to take down the statue of Robert E. Lee in one of their city parks.

Myself, Charles Oliver, Toxey Cathey, Bobby Jones, and John Dickey attended the Texas Division Reunion in Fort Worth on the 2d, 3rd, and 4th of June. A good time was had by all, but the atmosphere was pretty somber because of all the goings on in New Orleans and else where. Division and Brigade officers were selected. Our own Charles Oliver ran for the position of second Lieutenant Commander at our brigade, but, alas, he did not win. The new slate of officers is coming in at a critical moment and seems to be keenly aware of how critical this period is in history. Some constitutional amendments came up, but were tabled for procedural reasons. Toxey attended the OCR meeting.All in all, the reunion was, mostly, sweet and to the point. 

Some important points courtesy of our hard working adjutant, soon to be also the Texas Division adjutant.

Annual renewals are in the mail, and as of right now, each person will have the option to renew on line, by mail, or by bringing their renewal to the adjutant. The deadline for renewals is September 1, after that date a late fee will be assessed.

Also, everyone should check out the Texas SCV website and become familiar with what all it presents. There are numerous awards that various members of the camp are eligible to receive as well as several awards that we, as a camp, should be giving out to the high school students, CAP Cadets, JROTC, and several other youth organizations. Let's begin thinking about these things; there are always ways to become more active in the community.

Also, we have the end of an era coming up in this camp. Every since we helped sell the WBTS cannon to the Texas Civil War Museum we have been blessed with financial resources in this camp. Those days are over. With the expenses of putting up the flagpole our days of financial prosperity are coming to an end. We need to begin thinking of ways to start raising money for our camp, because we will be out of money soon. Perhaps conduct a seminar at the Holt Collier Statue and sell flags, bumper stickers, etc.

God Bless the South!

In the Service of the South!

Cary Bogan

Commander, BG Felix Robertson Camp # 129 


 "Shoot at everything blue, and keep up the scare."

Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest


"SIR, I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note, asking one hour to consider my demand for your surrender. Your request cannot be granted. I will allow you twenty minutes from the receipt of this note for consideration; if at the expiration of that time the fort is not surrendered, I shall assault it. I do not demand the surrender of the gunboat."

Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest


Lieutenant Commander Comments

 The Sons of Confederate Veterans monthly meeting will be Tuesday, June 13th at Poppa Rollo's Pizza, 703 N Valley Mills Drive. The meal will be at 6:00 PM and the speakers at 7:00 PM. Representatives from the Pearce Civil War and Western Art Museum, Navarro College will speak on Confederate items in the museum. One speaker will talk about Robert E. Lee. Visitors are welcomed AND encouraged. For more information, visit, or call 254-772-1676.

 "Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me." He added, after a pause, looking me straight in the face: "That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave."

Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson


"Should the steps be taken which is now threatened, we shall have no other alternative: we must fight. But do not think that all Christian people of the land could be induced to unite in prayer, to avert so great an evil. It seems to me that if they would unite in prayer, war might be prevented and peace preserved."

Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson


Chaplain Comments

 Greetings Everyone,

May is always an exciting month for me, as I am sure it is for many of you as well. I always enjoy doing the Memorial Day ceremonies, wherever we have them at. It was unfortunate that we were not invited back to the VA this year, however, our ceremony at Oakwood Cemetery was great (perhaps even better). It is always nice for us to go out and honor all the American veterans, but especially those that do not receive the praise that is due them, and that is what I pride myself on the most about our camp. And I am really looking forward to this summer in the hopes that we can outreach into surrounding areas and hopefully recruit more people into the camp and further our mission work.

I'd like to ask our members to keep those affected by recent acts of war hiding under the name of terrorism in your prayers. England has especially been hard hit, mostly in London, in recent weeks, and victims have included Americans. Many people call these attacks on Christianity, but I believe it is on a bigger scale than even that. These are acts of war on all people, and it is getting out of hand. As Christians, persecution is nothing new, as Christians have been attacked physically and spiritually for nearly 2000 years and counting. But as Jesus commanded us, we must endure it, because in the end, we shall be saved (Matt. 10:22).

I will see everyone on the 13th, Lord willing. Deo Vindice.

Koby Westbrook, Chaplain


"One young man was very anxious to learn to read. I procured a spelling-book, and in a few days he learned so as to be able to read the Bible. He has since professed conversion."

J.E. Martin, Coporter


"On last evening fifteen were buried with Christ in baptism. And still the good work goes on. Our meetings are increasing in interest, and each evening scores of soldiers are inquiring, 'What shall we do to be saved?' Brother Kitzmiller has been laboring with us with a zeal and earnestness characteristic of a true Christian."

John H. Tonkies, Chaplain, Seventh Florida Regiment


Confederate Book Reviews

 One Damn Blunder From Beginning To End: The Red River Campaign of 1864, by Gary D. Joiner. This book is a volume in "The American Crisis Series" series edited by Gary Woodworth of TCU. This volume is a relatively short (under 200 pages) summary of the campaign which covers a great deal of ground. The military aspects of the campaign are well covered with the use of 16 excellent maps. The author is also careful to cover the intricate politics of this strange campaign, a campaign that was dictated as much by a desire to overawe the French occupation force in Mexico and seize large quantities of cotton for the benefit of New England textile manufacturers. Grant wanted to do other things with the troops involved, such as seizing Mobile, Alabama. He put a number of constraints on the troops involved in the operation, constraints that hampered the Union commander, Massachusetts politician Major General Nathaniel Banks. The defending Confederate forces were extremely well led by Major General Richard Taylor, son of President Zachary Taylor. This is an excellent book on this generally overlooked late war Southern victory that at the very least saved Texas from yankee invasion.

Another Look at Six Myths in The Lost Cause, by Richard Lee Montgomery.  This is a very short (48 pages) guide to Lost Cause Myths by a former speaker at our camp who is a Baptist Pastor. This sort of material is commonsense to us, who actually study and read about the period of the WBTS. However, it is NOT familiar to many members of the "great unwashed" who swallow hook, line, and sinker, the stupid drivel put out by the liberal news media. The author simply states each of the myths, and then he refutes it in a single chapter. The six myths that the author addresses are: 1) The War Between the States was Fought over Slavery; 2) The Confederate Battle Flag was Flown on Slave Ships; 3) The Confederate Battle Flag represented the Southern Nation; 4) Only the North had men of color in their ranks; 5) Only  the people in the South  were  Racists; 6) God was on the side of the North. The author does an excellent job of dissecting each of these subjects and giving a more realistic appraisal of its truth. 

The Road to Shiloh: Early Battles in the West, by David Nevin and the Editors of Time-Life Books. This is the fourth volume in the excellent, and out of print Time-Life Series on the WBTS. This book has the usual high standards associated with this publishing house: well written, authoritive, and just plain nice looking books. Unfortunately, Time-Life Books is no more, and the series is out of print. They are readily available on the secondary market. This volume covers the early fighting in Missouri and Kentucky, then it moves on to Forts Henry and Donelson. The last two chapters of the book are devoted to Shiloh, which really wrapped up the early phase of the war. 


"All the South has ever desired was that the Union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved and that the government, as originally organized, should be administered in purity and truth."

General Robert E. Lee


"There is nothing left for me to do but to go and see General Grant and I would rather die a thousand deaths."

General Robert E. Lee



06/08/17  Brazos Rose Chapter #56 bi-monthly meeting at West Waco Library 6:00 pm

06/13/17  Camp 129 meeting at Poppa Rollo's. 6:00 pm eat and socialize. 7:00 pm speakers

06/30/17  Deadline to file application for Sam Davis Youth Camp, Clifton--July 9th-15th