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 The next meeting of the BG Felix Robertson Camp # 129 Sons of Confederate Veterans will be on Tuesday the 10th of October at Poppa Rollos Pizza at 703 N Valley Mills Drive. For those who are interested dinner is at 6 PM with the meeting at 7 PM. The speaker will be Mr. Mark Robinson of the Palestine camp. His topic will be "The Confederados". They were Southerners who immigrated to Brazil after the war. Their descendants still live in Brazil and are very proud of their Southern heritage. This should be an interesting talk! Visitors are cheerfully invited and encouraged to attend.


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Greetings Compatriots,

Boy oh boy, what a month it has been. There are a few things that I ask ya'll to add to your prayer lists. First, please keep those affected by the Las Vegas massacre in your prayers. Also, continue to pray for those affected by the bombardment of hurricanes that have hit around here this past month. Finally, keep our entire country in your prayers, for it has been going through a rough spot for a long time and it really needs our support.

This past month we have dealt with Confederate monuments being taken down to American flags being burned all the way to kneeling football players. As much as all this can make your blood boil (and it really has) we need to remember our values, not only as protectors of history, but also as good Christians. We are commanded to fight evil with good (Romans 12:21), and so far we have done a a really good job with that. In last month's Chaplain's Corps Chronicle, there was an article written by Mark W. Evans, a past Chaplain-in-Chief for the SCV, in which he talked about a group of SCV members gathering around a Confederate monument in Greenville, SC. They were well recognized for being professional, and separate from hatred on both sides of the argument. This is the strategy we need to have when fighting this seemingly never ending war. Fighting fire with fire, as much as we'd like it to, does not really work. Do not be discouraged, and keep Romans 12:21 to heart as you educate and preserve our history.

I will see everyone on the 10th!

Deo Vindice, Koby Westbrook, Chaplain


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